Join our effort to preserve the profound wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism! In 1959, the vast body of Buddhist literature was nearly extinguished as 6,000 monasteries, colleges, and libraries were destroyed in Tibet. TNMC and the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project are determined that the great wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism shall not end as other cultures have, their knowledge lost to humanity. We produce Buddhist books, and right now are publishing three collections: the complete writings of the extraordinary 18th century master Jigme Lingpa, the elegant writings of the 20th century master Shechen Gyal(Shechen Gyal Tshab) Tshab, and the profound 18th century master Kathog Gertse.

Last year donors responded to our campaign, and we succeeded in producing the collected works of the great19th century master Patrul Rinpoche. The receipt of the books by the Tibetan community last January was overwhelming. Look at the video and hear what participants at the book distribution have to say!

Who We Are

The Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC) was formed in the late 1960s to preserve Tibetan culture, and to plant the seeds of Buddhism in the West. Since 1989, TNMC’s Yeshe De Project has printed 4.9 million books containing these sacred teachings and donated them to the Tibetan refugee community in Asia. We have made these donations each year, free of charge, at a World Peace Ceremony in Bodh Gaya India. From there, the books have dispersed throughout the entire Tibetan refugee community in Asia.

All the Places Where Yeshe De Books Have Been Distributed

Why the Tibetan Scriptures Matter

Everywhere in the world today there is suffering, confusion, and divisiveness. More than ever, the world needs the wisdom that the writings of 1400 years of Tibetan Buddhist masters have to offer. These ancient great teachers’ texts speak directly to the modern human predicament, cutting through time and cultural differences. Their wisdom can guide us to restoring calm, balance and harmony within ourselves, developing caring and compassion for others, and bringing forth knowledge and wisdom to inform our actions and allow us to participate meaningfully in the world.

Transmission and translation of this vast body of literature in the West will take decades, so in the meantime, we need to keep the wisdom traditions alive, vital and strong within the Tibetan community in Asia. That is why we are asking you to donate now.

What Remains To Be Done

We have completed the collected works of revered Jigme Lingpa, and our target is to complete Shechen Gyal Tshab’s collection by September 30th. But funds are needed for us to complete the collected works of all-knowing Kathog Gertse. We must finish by November 10th, so we can put the books on a container ship for India.

Project Mileposts for Completing Kathog Gertse Finish Date
Printing Text 25% done
Finish Printing Text October 13, 2018
Foil Stamp Covers October 17, 2018
Fold Text Signatures October 26, 2018
Collate Texts/glue on covers November 1, 2018
Insert Books into Slipcases November 5, 2018
Box Books/Load on Pallets November 6, 2018
Load Pallets in Ship Containers November 9, 2018
Deliver Containers to Port of Oakland November 10, 2018
Ship Arrival in Kolkata, India Late December, 2018
Book Distribution at World Peace Ceremony, Bodh Gaya, India Early January, 2019

How Your Donations Will Be Used

TNMC and the Yeshe De Project have always relied on donations. We do not have any other income; we depend completely on the support of donors like you. Your contribution is precious and will be used to purchase the materials still needed for production of the Kathog Gertse collection:

For all donations over $50, we will send you a thank you gift of the lovely book Quotes, a gorgeous journal of quotes from Tarthang Rinpoche’s books, with blank pages to record your own reflections and spiritual practice notes.